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monday march 25, 2024

i'm back! trip was alright. not gonna write too much about it, just gonna share some little things on a page (probably a subpage in 'thoughts'). that's about it. byee <3

thursday march 21, 2024

no updates for the following 4/5 days, cuz i'm going on a trip! i will make a page or something telling everyone allll about it later, when i get back! i'm so excited! see you all then!

wednesday march 20, 2024

first shrine is live!!! So excited! >>> LUCY (Cooper B. Handy)

tuesday march 19, 2024

first new sotd in a looong time!!! hopefully i stay consistent again, but i cannot promise anything :-). thats all for now!

saturday march 16, 2024

1 MONTH ANNI! This site is officially 1 month old now :-) How great! I made a little page called milestones for these occasions! all fun things that this site has gone through will be stored there from now on. Other than that, stll no major updates. I'm taking it slow. If you read this, you are loved and thank you so much for visiting this site!

friday march 15, 2024

tomorrow is the 1st month anni of this site!! How exciting! I know I haven't been very active recently.. Been just dping other things and also wasting my time. It's almost my Easter break, though! So i hope to pick back up some things then :) I'll make a special little thing on the site for celebrations like tomorrow. That's something fun to do in my study breaks this weekend. I actually for once have a ton to do for school, so i'm focusing on that. A 'thoughts' entry is coming later today. Sending love!

sunday march 10, 2024

NEW PAGES!!! go ceck out 'arts' and follow the link to 'collage'! just made them really quickly. but i had fun and that's the most important thing! i feel better than i did the last couple of days, which is great! sending love through your screen! haven't been listening to a lot of music lately, so still no new sotd, but maybe over the course of the upcomign week?

friday march 8, 2024

i left for 4 days??? wow it didn't feel that long.. but hi, hello. i haven't been keeping up with daily updates, cuz my current hyperfixation switched from this site to blender! i've been addicted to trying out sillythings and making silly 3d things... so yeh, gonna do more of that now... bye!

monday march 4, 2024

i just saw two ducks fighting. it ws a male duck trying to 'seduce' a female duck, i think. i guess spring has really begun, huh. birds going at it...that's the sign spring has begun for me haha. still thinking of maybe changing up 'me'... other than that, no major updates. just school stuff i have to work on, so also no shrine page today. maybe i'll do something.
also! no sotd for a couple of days, cuz it's hard picking one song every day... will pick it back up again soon!

sunday march 3, 2024

i'm back! was with family yesterday so i couldn't even update sotd haha. i might add a 'thoughts' entry and also add something to 'media'. that's about all for today. i think i'm gonna change the shrine i was working on completely. i don't like the look of it anymore. other than that... yeh nothing else to say.. bye!

thursday february 29, 2024

not sure how i feel about 'me' (the page, not real me haha). i feel like i could do more with it in a.. less way.. if that makes sense... [REDACTED] shrine has been making progress, so i'm excited about that! still sick and stressed about the school project, but i am working on it! i didn't make any progress on it, but i asked my teacher for help. they're not replying, though... so i take that as a sign for a break :-) sigh...

wednesday february 28, 2024

sick and tired. i might finish up my first version of my first shrine for this site. i wanna keep it a secret still, what it's about haha... pressure of finishing the school project is kicking my ass... i feel guilty for not working on it, but this site gives me more peace of mind. i prefer working here. <3

tuesday february 27, 2024

the love i've been getting on this site makes me get through the day! this damned project... i'm making progress, though, while still having fun with this site as well. i hadn't mentioned it yet, but i've been working on my first shrine for the site! and 'thoughts' is also being re-made... this section is fun, but it's mostly for site updates and for longer and more daily life related texts, i'm excited to use 'thoughts' when i get it how i want it to look like :-)
'photo gallery' is looking kinda wonky... but who cares!

monday february 26, 2024

i have this over-arching project in school today and i hate it already. we have a whole week to work on it, but bro, i'm giving up already. might just pretend i'm working on it and just work on this site. i'm not good with programming and stuff. just making this site is enough for me.
oh, also!!! it's my birthday haha lol... gotta change my age on 'me' now... yeah...

sunday february 25, 2024

i lied, because i didn't do anything yesterday haha! which is totally fine :-) i was too tired, but today... i probably won't do a lot either... sending love to everyone reading this!

saturday february 24, 2024

it's a good day today. gonna add to 'media', and tryyyy to get 'shrines' going, or maybe change up 'thoughts'.. one of those 2. or not do a lot, cuz i'm SO TIRED, but for good reasons haha! check 'media' if you wanna know why

friday february 23, 2024

haven't updated a lot these past 2 days, cuz i'm very tired and stuff. don't have a lot of time today as well, but might work on 'shrines'? don't know. also i might re-do 'thoughts', cuz i don't feel like it's fun. i like the layout, but i'll delete the current entries or put them in some kind of archive. we'll see.

tuesday february 20, 2024

most boring classes ever today; we barely do anything, so i'm just gonna tweak some things on my site and add my 'thoughts' entry. also my page is mostly b/w but i think i'll go all out with colors and images on 'shrines' and its pages. gonna be fun! now onto more boring classes
later: there's so many cool sites and not enough time to show them all love TT... will make a button page someday.

monday february 19, 2024

managed to keep my mouth shut about my site in class today haha. today i might figure out a layout for 'thoughts', cuz i have many thoughts haha. i love adding new things to my media page. it makes me really happy. not much else on the site to-do today.
update: finished thoughts page :-)

sunday february 18, 2024

priority today is working on the 'me' page and maybeee just maybeee starting on 'thoughts'. though i have no idea for a layout. also wanted to make some shrines. maybe writing those out in a regular doc can be something i do today :). school starts again tomorrow, so not sure how much time i will have to work on this baby.

saturday february 17, 2024

made the media page and added a home button to all existing pages. i do like how the media page turned out. minimalistic but i did add some color with the poster obviously and the 3 gifs at the bottom of each entry. was a bit of a hassle to get that to all line up like i wanted to, but i did it! still like the index page, so that's a plus :-). might work on the thoughts page too. i'm gonna take it slow, though, so i don't overwork myself to the point of being sick of it again ahah.

friday february 16, 2024

first day working on the site. ditched my old one cuz i started to hate it. i'm keeping this one minimalistic. already very happy with the current state of the index.



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